A downloadable game

Everyone gets a smart phone and headphones. Only you, and one other person, are listening to the same song at a dance party.

Rules: No talking. No hand gestures. No communication of any kind, except for Dance.

Find your dance partner.

Dance Together is a game about communication through dance. From EDM, to rock, to country, and everything in-between.



I got the idea to create this game at a friend's wedding. At the wedding, they had a "Silent Disco", where a DJ played music directly into a series of wireless headphones. I noticed that people who didn't like the current song put the headphones down and stopped dancing. Since a lot of the music was EDM, it ended up that anyone who wasn't into EDM just sat around while the others got to dance.

I thought to myself: "Wouldn't it have been great if we had two of these going at once, so everybody could dance together?"

Immediately, the idea for the game was born.

What if I made a game about dancing, for people who aren't good at dancing?

People train for years to be good at ballroom dancing, or Celtic folk, or poi, etc. But nobody knows all of them. This game is designed so every player has the feeling of being on the dance floor and having no idea what to do. Yet, they will learn to get over their inhibitions and improvise in order to succeed.

After playing, my hope is the player in a future party will no longer fear getting up and joining in the dance floor… No matter what kind of music is playing.


Tobiah Zarlez - Designer/Developer